The 10 Days of Dirt Challenge!

Remember the good ole’ days???

The ones where you would stay out all day long, only coming in for lunch, if at all…Wanting to stay out past dark so badly because you were having so much fun. The sun would set. The sky would begin to turn purple and the crickets would start to rile up for their time to play too. You would be lost in your games of keep-away, riding bikes, exploring, catching fireflies, or hours of imaginative unstructured play. You would stay out so late that it was hard for you to even see, and you’d hear your mom or dad shout your name. Just one more minute. Just one more round through the sprinkler. Just one more dash across the lawn, the playground, the parking lot…

Those days are few and far between now. Kindles. Apps. Phones. Cartoons. Cable. Organized time.

Accept the Dirty Boots Project 10 Days of Dirt Challenge

Summer is on the wind-down. Let’s tip our hats to summer with a big muddy, outdoor HOORAY!

How muddy, grubby, sun-soaked and day-worn can you get?! Take the challenge with me! Post pics with friends or your kids, or all by yourself! Share the nature love! Best pic gets a Dirty Boots Project Ten Days of Dirt Challenge TShirt!!

Dirty Boots Project logoCome ON!

Let’s Show Summer the love she deserves!!

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