Just Released: Jack’s Extraordinary Pack of Adventure

Sometimes kids need a little encouragement and confidence when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. If you’re looking to get your kids outside, this may be the very thing to give your little ones that extra help when it comes to spending time in nature.

In this newly released children’s book, “Jack’s Extraordinary Pack of Adventure,” Jack’s getting tired of his hikes being so short and so full of problems.

But when he changes how he views his approach to the outdoors and adds in a little extra forethought and preparation, he turns his boring hikes into exciting adventures!

This book, thoughtfully illustrated, is charming and sweet, a little bit funny, and lot insightful.

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© Lisa Coriell – Jack’s Extraordinary Pack of Adventure

Jack’s Extraordinary Pack of Adventure is the first book in what will be a series of outdoor education books that will teach kids about safety, protection and emergencies outdoors while they also will teach them a thing or two about navigating life in a healthy, responsible and socially connected way.

Our kids need nature. We all do. This book helps them walk the path that leads to health, wellness, and lots of fun!

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