Connecting in the Wild: Sunrise

It’s 5:15 am in my world. I was never really a late sleeper to begin with, but when I get excited about a day off, I really can’t sleep. If you’ve got kids, and have ones that wake you up well before dawn, take advantage of the quietest time of the day to get outside.

Why Connect in Nature at Sunrise?

Stepping outside at sunrise to watch the world wake up can energize you unlike anything else. If you’ve been camping you know what I mean. The feeling of the world around you outside is very different at dawn. If you head outside before sunrise, you can watch the world slowly wake up, which is not only fun, but exhilarating, and a really calming way to start your day.

At first, it’s quiet and dark, and the only sound is the rustling wind in the trees. But then, the very first bird begins to chirp. Then another, and another, but you can still hear the trees. In the northwest, if you head outside before dawn, the slugs are still hanging around, out in the open.

You can watch the sky slowly become brighter outside. The sky goes from dark black, to gray, to blue. The colors begin to come out in the leaves on the trees, and in the grass. The pinks and reds come out in the flowers. The crows fly overhead, and starting making their own noise.

If all you have is 15 minutes – and most especially if all you have is 15 minutes before the alarm is supposed to go off, before your day begins to move at a frenetic pace, before you lose sight of each other as you jet off to school, or work, or whatever you have to do that day, connect in nature. Even if just for a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods, or in the center of the city surrounded by skyscrapers. You can go outside on your porch. Take a walk to a local park. Sit in the backyard, or the driveway, or the center of the apartment complex.

Going outside at sunrise is as much about starting your day with nature, as it is about starting your day connecting with each other.

That brief time together can carry them through their day and yours.

It’s pretty bright now. I can hear the neighbors, car doors, lots more birds. By now, sitting outside, it probably will only have been 15 minutes or so – maybe 20. In my case 25.

The world is up for the day. Now the dog’s barking at the sprinkler, and I am about to get soaked, and I don’t know about you but I can really go for something to eat.

Wanna go to breakfast?!

Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash



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