It’s World Oceans Day -Take 5 Minutes to Teach Your Kids About Plastics

We’re a diving family, so we think a lot about the ocean and its place within the world, but you don’t need to be a marine biologist, a diver or even a swimmer to grasp the importance of our oceans and how they help us every day.

If you’re just getting clued into World Oceans Day, and it’s nearing dinnertime, don’t worry – You’re not too late!

So how much time do you have today to do your part in teaching your kids how our actions contribute to the health of everyone on our beautiful blue planet?  Only 5 minutes? That’s okay! It’s all you need for a mini-lesson, to get their wheels turning up there about our oceans.

If you’ve only got 5 minutes:

Start with NatGeo. Their images make an impact and really drive home the message that our plastics use is really fouling up the planet.

On the site, take one giant step with your kids toward doing your part by taking the pledge together to reduce your plastics use. There are 4 different pledges to choose from. Let your kids decide which one they want to focus on, then commit together!

If you have 10 minutes:

Visit the Ocean Conservancy site to learn about how you can plan ahead to make a big impact on the trash polluting our seas. You can sign up, and commit to taking part in an International coastal cleanup, on September 15, 2018.

Then with your remaining 5 minutes, you can go around the house, and see how many plastic items you have, and how you may be able to reduce your use! Better still, if you still use plastic grocery bags, you can take action today, go around and collect them all for recycling at your local supermarket, then commit to reusable cloth bags, together!

If you have more time…

Take a moment to Google #WorldOceansDay and see the wealth of opportunities to take action flood the screen. We can do so much, and the biggest step we can take is opening up dialogue about the environment with our kids.

Here are a few simple questions to open up the topic and get them thinking critically about the impact of their actions in the world.

#Plasticban - Trash in our oceans
Photo credit: Tkremmel – Pixabay
  1. Explore whether they are familiar about the ripples in a pond and how our actions spread beyond ourselves.
  2. Do they ever wonder where their trash goes when it leaves the house? Take a moment to search for answers online!
  3. Plastic trash doesn’t degrade, right? So, what will happen if we all continue using plastic as we do. Will we run out of room? Will we find another way to reuse, or recycle?
  4. Do you know that even the tiniest polyester fibers from our favorite fleeces and sports clothing gets consumed by our marine life when washes out with the water from our laundry into the ocean?

Yes, many people are out there now trying to solve the world’s trash problems, but it’s also up to us, the consumers, to take responsibility for our usage, and do all we can to minimize the impact of our consumption on our world, and that includes our oceans.

Today is the perfect day to start!

Featured image ©Lisa Coriell



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