Get Kids Outside with Outdoorsy Friends!

If you’ve got kids, or grandkids chances are you’ve also got a Flat Stanley or two lying around. School’s out, but summer’s here, and the National Park Foundation has something new to help get kids outside and into our parks!

Introducing, Flat Ranger and Flat Bison! So fun! You can even color your own with your kids, or your grandkids! Here’s the links to those: Flat Ranger Outline, and Flat Bison Outline.

Pictures of Flat Ranger and Flat Bison, colored and outline
National Parks Foundation Flat Ranger and Flat Bison cut-outs for your next National Parks visit!

Then, once you’re done, take them to your closest National Park, enjoy the day, and before you leave, take a pic! When you get home, you can post your photo, and be sure to include some hashtags: #FindYourPark, #FlatRanger, and #FlatBison.


To me, this is totally a pre-planned complete day of fun!  These little guys set the stage for arts & crafts, your National Parks, get kids outside, and then coming home to wrap it all up with some fun posting and sharing the experience with your family and friends. Looks to me like a great way to connect with your kids, spend time in nature, and make some summer memories.

And if you need a list of your closest National Parks go here: Explore Parks.

To find out more about our new friends Flat Ranger and Flat Bison, here’s the digital download center page for National Park Foundation. You can visit the footer on the site for more information.

I did not receive compensation for this post.  I am not an affiliate of National Park Foundation, but I do encourage to do all you can to help sustain our parks systems and get kids outside. Your support to good organizations that work hard to support our parks helps to do that, and I think National Park Foundation is one of those organizations!


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