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lisa sunrise dive I am the wearer of the first pair of boots in the Dirty Boots Project, or, as is the case in the photo above, fins.

That’s me on my last SCUBA dive in Bohol, Philippines. If you’re looking for a new way to watch the sun come up, try underwater! I highly recommend it!

I have been writing and drawing since I can remember, and trekking around in the woods having adventures since I had access to woods I could trek through. When I am in nature, I am happy.  It’s always been that way, and I don’t expect it will ever change. The woods is my church. I go there to find sanity, peace, and everything I consider real life.

Imagine my dismay when I brought my son to the woods when he was three and his first question was, “Where’s the sidewalk?”

Here is my boy and I, many years ago at Blue Hill Reservation, making goofy faces on one of our many hikes together…

That day, I decided I would make it my mission to do all I could to help kids and families get outside.

Screens are an ever-present element in our lives and that is something I don’t think will change anytime soon. That said, nature still needs its presence in our lives, and I, among others have seen an ever-growing space between nature and man.

My goal for this blog to is bridge that gap, and bring the tools and information we all need to live happy, connected, lives filled with adventure, and for me that includes great relationships with my loved ones, and a deep sense of connection to them and our natural world.

Lisa in front of Mt Hood
My first hike after dual knee replacement, with an amazing view of Mt Hood, 2018

When I’m not writing this blog, I’m working for the Forest Service, freelance writing, making art, cooking something tasty in the kitchen, or dreaming up my next children’s outdoors inspiration book.

I published the first in a series of outdoor education books, in April 2018, to help kids and families get outside and get into nature. It’s called “Jack’s Extraordinary Pack of Adventure” available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.  Woo hoo!

If you want more feasts for little eyes, you can visit my website at www.lisacoriell.com

Meanwhile, let’s connect here! The more the merrier, and if we are connecting outside, all the better.

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