Getting Kids Outside

Now more than ever before, we need to help get our kids outside. It doesn’t need to be exciting, perfect, or hassle-free, because life isn’t always exciting, perfect or hassle-free.

Instead, we should make getting outside part of life – like cooking dinner, doing chores, going to the doctor, or brushing our teeth. Nature is a necessity, so, if we want to reap the benefits of a strong relationship with nature, we need to make nature a priority, too.

It’s really up to you and your family how you decide to do it. You can bring a lot of yourself into the experience by doing things you love outside, whether that means sports, camping, outdoor art, visiting with friends, hiking, daydreaming, car camping backpacking, glamping, or exploring, you can do it all with nature in mind.

Just be sure to allow yourself to grow, adopt a new perspective and be open to learning something new, because nature has a lot to teach us, and it would be a shame if nature’s great lessons got missed, either by you or your family.

I hope you find a lot on this site to help guide you on your journey with nature, and certainly, if you have ideas, please reach out! We are all here to learn from each other!